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Gold and Silver Tester Acid Kit

Gold and Silver Tester Acid Kit

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This kit is used to verify the gold content in items!
Apply a drop of this solution to a small sample of the item to be tested onto the test stone.
then the real gold will stay on the touchstone, false one will be dissolved or oxidized to blue
If the sample disappears, then the item is below the karat of the solution
This solution works for testing any gold that you believe to be 10K, 14K, 18K, 22-24K, Silver, and Platinum pure.
Acid changes color based on purity. Very easy to use,
Ideal for testing jewelry, coins, antique gold, silver, platinum collectibles, and more!

Warmly Tips:
If u want to test whether your gold ring is real or not, just need to rub the black stone, and leave a small sample on the stone,
Apply a drop acid test on the stone. real gold will stay on the touchstone, false one will be dissolved.

Material: High purity Graphite Stone & Acid Testing Water,

Acid Testing Water:4.5 X 3 cm/1.8"X 1.2" ( 3 ML)
Graphite Stone:8 X 5.5 cm/3"X 2"
Quantity: 1 set / 1 Pc,

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